Your Achievements

How often do you acknowledge your achievements? Not often? Did you know that it is really good for our soul to acknowledge our achievements?

Think about it… how do you feel when someone tells you that you’ve done a great job? Does a smile creep on your face or do you stand taller?

Each week over at She-essence I encourage our members to to report on their achievements. And I’m encouraging them to sing it out loud because it is about their achievements, and their proud, happy, relieved, overly joyed feelings.

Their achievements can be anything from rearranging a child’s bedroom; organsing their office; spring cleaning their house or getting 10 people into their business mailing list. It can be whatever they want their achievements to be, as long as it makes them feel good.

What are your achievements this week? Pop over to She-essence and tell us… sing them out loud and be proud!