The Secret… It’s Out Of The Bag! – Do you believe that your thoughts can manifest into reality?  Have you ever visualised something and then received it?  What about place a photo on the fridge of something you really wanted and eventually bought?

I believe that our thoughts can manifest into reality, I have visualised something and received it and yes… there has been a photo on my fridget that I’ve eventually bought!

Just before I moved to Melbourne in 1999 I read the book Creative Visualisation and then I used the techniques of the book to visualise the home I would find in Melbourne.  I wrote down that I wanted a little Victorian cottage that had a leafy yard, a place for my cat Missy to roam and something with easy access for her to get out and in the house without waking me.  I imagined it had a front porch, a long hallway with a coat rack, bedrooms off the hallway, floor boards, a fireplace, high ceilings and the owners were happy for me to have a cat.  I wanted the house close to the city but with the feel of surburbia, and if possible a bay window.

I arrived in Melbourne on Good Friday and realised that it might be difficult to find anything over Easter but I still had to check out the real estate section.  The first advert I saw was advertising a little Victorian cottage in Footscray, on the outskirts of town.  I booked myself an appointment with the owner, and fell in love with it as soon as I pulled up out the front.  The cottage was EVERYTHING that I had asked for and more… it had a cat door for Missy to come and go as she pleased.  It didn’t have the bay window, but I did say “if possible” so the Universe gave me exactly what I wanted.

Since this experience I have manifested the home in Darwin and our apartment in Hong Kong.

So back to my questions… if you answered “yes” to any or all of them, then you will be open to the philosophy of The Secret.

The Secret is a ground-breaking feature length movie, created like a documentary style program with dozens of the finest speakers, writers and philosophers of our time.  Over at She-essence the movie has created a little bit of a stir and I am also pushing the members of our Spiritual Development Circle to watch it.

Have you heard of it?  Have you watched it?  If so, tell us what you thought of it?