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She-essence is a website and on-line forum created for women everywhere.  We are all busy women leading busy lives and need a place where we can relax and chill out with friends – that’s She-essence.  It’s your cuppa with friends when you can’t or don’t want to leave the house.  It’s a place to connect with women from all walks of life; a place to meet, chat and mingle with other women just like you and me.  Members of She-essence share a very special bond that runs far deeper than being online friends.

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Our caring network of genuinely supportive women will uplift and inspire you in your everyday life, offer you friendship and companionship as well as a laugh (or three), all in an open and honest environment.

Our community is focussed around what matters most, our members.  This area of the website will take you through just some of what She-essence offers.

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The She-essence blog discusses various topics that have caused an impact on the message-board, and on the world at large, encouraging participation, contemplation and comments from both members and non-members alike.  With a number of blog contributors there’s always something appealing to read, from work at home information to spiritual insights as well as personal musings from Dannielle and Kylie.

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The heart of the site is our forum, come on over and join us.  Have a look around; here you will find some wonderfully inspiring, supportive and super friendly women, just stop by our forums and discover your essence.


Join us today and share in our world of love, support, happiness and laughter, lots and lots of laughter.

Yours In Essence,

Dannielle and Kylie xox osg777 daftar

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